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Christopher has experience as a professional motivational speaker, business leadership strategist, mentor, public information officer, and retired professional ballet dancer and teacher, having danced and taught professionally for over eighteen years.

The Dare To Be Different Speaker

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The dare to be different speaker and business leadership strategist

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Christopher Fairbank has spoken at over 200 conferences and events and is known for his true heart for people and businesses

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Christopher trains eager businesses, leaders, and future leaders alike who want to advance and excel

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Is your business, office or group looking for a more intimate and hands-on approach to training? Christopher will come to your location

He was just an amazing motivation speaker, very inspirational, very enthusiastic and he was just awesome! I think that everyone could use a little bit of Christopher and his message in their life!
_Emily Garcia,Victoria Health Services
“His story and presentation were fantastic, especially the way that he integrated it into the topic of being a leader and a positive disrupter. It all came together and helped us know how we can become better people in our
_Richard Arknok,Texas County & District Retirement System
“Mr. Fairbank’s presentation was very great and very inspiring. He inspired the whole group to do better, to have integrity and I really recommend him as speaker! He was great!”
_Diana Aguirre,Bexar County
“His presentation had an incredibly positive vibe. I learned that we should not take no for an answer when we are following and pursuing our goals and dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re a failure, just keep moving
_James Penn,Victoria Outreach Services
Portrait Of British Muslim Woman In Urban Park
“Perfect! Best presentation I have heard in a long time. I love that you say that everyone is a leader and you believe everyone is leader. We are all inspired now and have all recommitted to doing better tomorrow and
_Gloria,Global Real Estate Firm
12Years Of Speaking
150Successful entrepreneurs
260Podcasts & Speeches
10000Students Helped

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He focuses on providing and teaching his new model of business leadership

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I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will help you.