Very Exciting News:

Christopher Fairbank accepted into Forbes Coaches Council

Forbes Coaches Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Leading Business and Career Coaches

Visit Christopher’s Forbes Profile here.


Podcasts where I have been an invited guest:

The Anything Goes Project Hosted by: Mike Symonds

The Business Minutes Podcast Hosted by: Joshua Lee

Learning Life Hosted by: Jon Tota

Airing Soon - Stay Tuned

5.6.7 Eight Hosted by: Aleksandra Y. Efimova

Airing in September - Stay Tuned

Peeling Back the Layers of Life Podcast Hosted by: Loronda C. Giddens

Airing Soon - Stay Tuned


Come hear me speak at one the following conferences in the next few months:

Day of Care event - July 18, 2019 - Victoria, Texas

The 2019 TCDRS Annual Conference - July 25, 2019 - Austin Texas

NSC 2019 Congress & Expo- September 6-12, 2019 - San Diego, California

The Presentation Summit - October 6-9, 2019 - The Texas Hill Country

Annual Conference of Texas Higher Education Student Business Office - October 14, 2019 San Antonio, Texas

Dare to be Different Business Leadership Conference - October 25, 2019 - San Antonio, Texas

The 2019 National Consortium for Health Science Education - November 6-8, 2019 St. Louis, Missouri

TRS Lunch and Learn Series - Dates Pending

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